Looking for J1ers Who Want to Stay in US for a While and Improve their English
Hi guys, it’s Anne! What’s up?

I came to the US on a Work&Travel program. I started on the East Coast, working as a photographer. At the end of the program, I was offered a job as a waiter, but I quickly realized that my English wasn’t good enough. I was bummed that I had spent three months in the US and still couldn’t speak like a local. I understood about 70% of what I heard, but I didn’t always know how to respond.

I started looking for ways to improve my English. My friend told me about language schools in the US. I did some research and found a school on the West Coast. It turned out that I needed to change my status to study at the school. The school helped me with the process, which was pretty quick — it only took about four months.

Now I’m studying twice a week for $ 135 a week, which I think is a steal. I have a ton of free time, so I’ve been surfing and swimming in the ocean.

I’ve met a lot of cool people at school, many of whom also came on a J1 visa. It’s been a month since I started studying, and I can confidently say that my English has improved significantly. The teachers are great and the classes are really interesting.

If you’re a J1er who wants to stay in the US for a little longer and improve your English, I have a 5-step plan on how to apply to the same school that I did. Leave me your email and I’ll send it to you.
Let's be classmates!