How we build a future without borders

A few words from A&K

Behind the initials A&K stand real people – us, Anton Nayanzyan and Kristina Livensteva. Over five years ago, we embarked on a journey to America that profoundly changed our lives.
Our story began with a dream and a lot of determination. We started from scratch, finding affordable language courses and securing student visas to come to the United States. We navigated the myriad of legal, economic, cultural, and everyday challenges in a foreign land, documenting our experiences in blogs along the way.
Our honest accounts resonated with many, leading to numerous requests for assistance. When these requests became overwhelming, we realized it was time to formalize our efforts. We pooled our resources, systematized our knowledge, expanded our team, and enhanced our expertise to create A&K, a company dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams of studying and living in the USA.
At A&K, we believe in a world without borders and strive to empower others to believe in themselves and seize the opportunities available in the USA. Our commitment to freedom and admiration for our clients' ambitions fuel our mission to help them realize their potential.
We understand the courage and determination behind each client's story and the high stakes involved. This drives us to meticulously manage each case, selecting the most suitable visas, locations, and programs to maximize the benefits of their journey.
Our expertise allows us to navigate even the most complex visa scenarios. Issues like weak ties to the homeland or low language proficiency are not insurmountable barriers. Over 1,000 clients can attest to our success, with 87% securing visas on their first attempt through A&K.

What is so special about A&K?

  • Expert handling of unusual situations. We know how to act in extraordinary circumstances.
  • Unique interview preparation methodology. Our three-stage training includes a simulated interview to ensure you are fully prepared.
  • Data-driven approach. We rely on data to book interviews in countries where the chances of visa approval are higher and faster.
  • Success after previous denials. Our clients receive visas even after previous rejections due to complicated situations.
  • Quality Assurance. Our clients' reviews confirm the high quality of our support.
  • Always accessible. There's no need to visit an office; our staff is available wherever your phone is.

A&K is registered in California, ensuring that we operate under the high standards of American business practices.

We specialize in making American education accessible. We identify the best educational pathways that can elevate your career and financial prospects while boosting your confidence in your communication skills.
Language courses are open to anyone aged 15 to 75. Choose from 15 cities across the United States, from New York to Los Angeles, to live and enhance your English.
For those confident in their English and seeking practical, cutting-edge knowledge, we offer a range of 50 certificate programs without entrance exams. Get into the university with no exams – just a high school diploma. Gain a new profession, enhance your expertise, and secure work experience in an American company upon graduation.
Our support extends beyond arrival in America. We assist with travel arrangements, finding housing, renting cars, opening bank accounts, and ensuring a smooth adaptation process. Once your visa is approved, we welcome you into the A&K American community, where members study, relax, travel, rent housing, start businesses, and support each other daily.
Our broader community includes tens of thousands who are preparing or considering a trip to America. They engage with our videos, articles, and guides, and we hope to see them soon in the USA. We strive to create the most useful and engaging materials to help you prepare for your journey and make the most of it.
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