A new way to pay tips is gaining popularity in the U.S.

A growing number of businesses in the U.S. are using digital tablets for tips. After you have paid by credit card or cell phone, the employee at the cash register will show you a touch screen with several suggested amounts of tips: 10%, 15%, or 20%. According to CNN, you can also leave a specific amount or leave no tip at all.

Some customers are adamant about tipping no matter what, while others feel guilty if they don't. Some are even embarrassed if their tip is small. On the other hand, there are those who refuse to leave a tip for a $5 iced coffee, believing that the price is adequate as it is.
Starbucks recently gave customers the option of leaving a tip when paying by credit or debit card. Some baristas said the tip is a great addition to their paycheck. However, they are not obligated to give them every time.

The move to digital payments has been accelerated by the pandemic: stores have replaced traditional cash collection boxes with touch-screen tablets. However, these screens and digital payment methods have proven to be more intrusive than a simple jar of change.
Etiquette experts say that if you have the option of tipping in places where employees are paid by the hour, such as Starbucks baristas, customers should act on their own and not feel guilty about their decision. Tipping helps these workers increase their income and is always welcome, but saying no is okay.