Grocery tax was suspended in Chicago

According to NBC Chicago channel since 1 July grocery tax in Illinois has been suspended. This decision was made by the governor of the state Jay Robert Pritzker in April, but the bill has entered into force only since July. Suspension of taxation targets on help to the families, who struggle with the increase of prices and inflation.

As it is claimed in the decree, grocery 1%-tax will be suspended during the whole financial year, that will help taxpayers to save up to $400 million before 1 July 2023.

It should be noted, that taxation on alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, cigarettes and products, containing cannabis, will remain.

Since 1 July minimum wage has been increased in the state. Now it is $15,40 per hour for companies with 21 and more employees and $14,50 for small companies. For employees, getting tips, the rate has increased - to $9,24 for big companies and $8,70 for small ones.

There has been an increase in wage for teenagers under 18. $12 for employees, who don’t get tips, and $7,20 for those, who get tips.

Another important news is putting-off the issue of an increase in petrol tax in Illinois till January 2023.