Chicago will have $2 billion invested

Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot has announced a new capital investment plan for Chicago that will see more than $2 billion invested in the city over the next two years, Chicago 9 reported.

If all goes according to plan, 1,000 concrete structures will be repaired, 21 bridges will be built, 170 miles of street roads will be paved, and 45 miles of new bike lanes will be created. More than 530 police cars and 80 fire engines are to be purchased, and public buildings will be renovated.

Highlights of Lori Lightfoot's plan, outlined in a press release:

Renovations will address replacing street lights in 200 blocks, as well as replacing lampposts and repairing wiring, and upgrading the city's traffic signal systems at more than 60 intersections. repairing sidewalks and pedestrian areas. Seventeen new landscape projects will be created.

No small amount will be spent on renovations and upgrades to public facilities such as Department of Family and Support Services centers, Chicago Public Health Department offices, Chicago Public Libraries, and dozens of other facilities.