Chicago citizen has won $1.3 milliard in the lottery

As The New York Times reports, the citizen of Illinois has won $1.3 milliard in the lottery «Mega Millions», having spent only $2 on the lottery ticket

The name of the winner is not publicised because the law of the state allows owners of a big win not to present their personal data. The lucky ticket was bought at the petrol station Speedway last Friday in Chicago. According to the lottery rules the shop will get a $500000 reward for the sold ticket.

It is noted, that the winner can obtain a full amount, if he agrees to annual payments during 30 years. Or he he can take $800 million in cash, taking into account taxes, about $433 million will be charged.

This jackpot has become the second one in the history of Mega Millions lottery, the previous one was won by the anonymous from South Carolina 23 October 2018. The amount of win was $1,537 milliard.