Top mistakes to avoid during your U.S. Embassy interview

An interview is the final step of obtaining a visa. Either your visa will be approved, or you'll get your passport back, without the stamp you've dreamed so much about.
If you don't want to waste time and money, thoroughly prepare for the interview. Besides obvious rules, such as looking neatly, keeping calm and not being late, you should keep in mind some more subtle aspects.
All the questions can be roughly divided into several topics: purpose of the trip, information about your life in your home country or the country of residence. The officer can also ask you unexpected questions to test your reaction. Give correct, essential, detailed answers.
So what you shouldn't do?
  • Don't make up facts about your biography which, in your opinion, can help you to get a visa. For example, it is commonly believed that an unmarried girl has more difficulties with visa approval. Nothing of the kind. Moreover, if you get caught in a lie, your visa will be denied.
  • Some applicants think that if they demonstrate fluent and flawless English speech, it will help them. However, the officer may have another opinion. For example, they might decide that with this proficiency in English you will easily adapt and want to immigrate to the USA. Exceptions are made for trips where a high level of English proficiency is a must, for example for enrolling in a university.
  • Don't criticize your home country. An officer may suspect that you intend to emigrate. They may also check your social media: anti-patriotic content can also be a reason for visa denial.
  • Don't joke about dreaming of finding your happily ever after in the USA.
A&K team have studied over 1,000 cases and worked out a unique three-step method for preparing for an interview:
  • studying guides with common questions related to different types of trips;
  • working with interactive interview simulator patented in the USA;
  • final training with a specialist to nail down the result.
Preparation is available in any support packages for student visa as well as in Full and Premium Support packages for tourism visa.
After the interview the officer will inform you if the visa is approved. In case of approval you can get back your passport with an American visa within 2—7 days. If not, don't despair — you can always try again. A&K specialists will review the case and will help to implement a strategy for a new submission.
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