In NYC smoking on the beaches and in the parks has been forbidden.

According to American Lohud, on Friday 15 July the governor of New York Kathy Hochul has signed the new law, that prohibits smoking on all state beaches and in the majority of public parks. 

Smokers would be fined $50, if they got a light or used electronic devices for smoking, where it is prohibited. 

The new law extended existing in the state ban for smoking, spreading it for all beaches, promenades, docks, playgrounds, recreation centers and campings of the state. 

"Smoking is a dangerous habit, which  influences not only the smoker but also all surrounding people, including families and children, who are enjoying amazing public places of our state", - said the head of the state Kathy Hochul. 

Annually smokers all around the world throw out approximately 4,5 trillion butts. Cigarrette butts are the main source of rubbish in public areas, especially along beaches, - is stated in the briefing on legislation. 

"I'm proud of signing this law, which will protect health of NY citizens and help to reduce the amount of rubbish in public parks and on the beaches in our state", - claimed the governor in her speech.