Three journeys to America with A&K

In this article, we introduce you to three members of our community who embarked on a journey to America with A&K’s support. Their stories showcase our role in navigating the complexities of visa procurement, selecting the right educational institutions, and adjusting to life in the U.S.

Meet our community members.
Vladislav, a 22-year-old firefighter, successfully obtained his visa in just two months and traveled to Chicago for language courses. In Chicago, Vladislav rents a room for $550 a month, gives lectures at a fire station, studies at Harvard on a scholarship, and, of course, improves his English at language courses!
German, 29, secured his visa in just over two months, even after oversleeping and missing his first interview. Advised by our visa experts to interview in another country, he swiftly obtained his F-1 student visa. Now, he's enhancing his English and exploring new opportunities at language courses in Chicago.
Diana, 24, had her consulate interview for the F-1 student visa in May 2022. She applied to a language school in Los Angeles, where she has been living and studying ever since. Her journey, like those of Vladislav and German, exemplifies the diverse paths one can take to achieve their dream of studying in the USA with A&K's support.
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