Everything about budgeting your trip to America: from consular fee to living expenses

A student F-1 visa is one of the most affordable ways to come to America to improve your English proficiency level or enhance your skills and advance your career by fulfilling a certificate program.
Some of the most frequently asked questions our team gets are those about the budget of the trip to America. In this article A&K team is going to answer them and give you some tips on possible expenses.
Q: How much money do I need to come to the US as a student?
A: First of all, you have to pay $500 as an application fee to the school where you’re going to study. By the way, in all A&K support packages an application fee is already included, as well as guaranteed invitation to an educational institution.
To estimate the rest of the budget one should consider:
  • consular fee and SEVIS cost $180 and $350 respectively, these are already included in the cost of Premium Support package;
  • from $1500 for tickets and accommodation in the country where you're going to have an interview;
  • from $500 for tickets to the USA;
  • tuition fee costs from $415 per month, usually charged monthly after arriving in the USA.
Monthly expenses the USA:
  • accommodation $800—$2000;
  • transport pass costs from $85, renting a car costs from $400;
  • from $300 for food.
Thus we recommend that you have at least $5000. A&K manager will help to draw a more accurate budget depending on your preferences and financial capacities.
Q: What if I don't have enough money to pay for the whole study period?
A: The counselor has to be sure that you have enough money for the whole period. If you don't have the full amount you can submit a sponsor letter and their bank statement or other income verification.
Q: What if I'm planning to go for 18 months but the amount I can show in my bank statement covers only 3 months living expenses?
A: You have to prove your financial capacity to the counselor. If you don't have enough money for the whole period of study you can submit a sponsor letter.
Q: Can I use a loan or a credit card instead of a bank statement?
A: You have to prove that you have enough money for the whole study period when you arrive in the USA. The officials might check it when you go through customs and passport control. So you could use a loan but not a credit card.
Q: Can I show another person's bank statement?
A: Yes, if you indicate them as your sponsor.
Q: Can I spend the money I have shown on my bank statement? Or will the money be frozen?
A: You may spend the money provided that you'll have the full amount when you arrive in the USA. The officials might check when you go through customs and passport control.
Hopefully, we’ve managed to clear things up.
Over 1000 of our clients have already moved to America and have changed their life.
It’s never too late to start fulfilling your dream. Don’t waste your time and drop a line to our manager. They’ll be happy to answer any questions, calculate your travel budget and choose a suitable educational program.