Your W&T Journey is Almost Over, But You Wanna Stay for a While and Improve Your English While Enjoying LA?
There is a way to make your dream come true

You can apply to language courses program and change your J1 Status to F1

Students who are in F1 status are allowed to study at language school in the United States.

F1 status offers a variety of opportunities for students
  • You can learn English from native speakers in a classroom setting and outside of the classroom
  • You can rent long-term housing in the United States without a credit history or Social Security number
  • You can start a business and earn dividends
  • You can apply for debit and credit cards from American banks
  • You can apply for health insurance
  • You can adopt pet in the USA
  • You can work part-time on campus during the academic year
  • You can apply for internships and fellowship
  • You can transfer to a U.S. university if you meet the university’s admission requirements
To enter the school you need a minimum package of documents. You can find a list of these documents below.

We guarantee 100% enrollment in the school if you provide all the necessary documents.
You can study 2 days a week for $ 135 per week or 4 days a week for $ 107 per week.

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We can’t wait to see you at school!