Scholarships and Funding. Making US education accessible

Higher education in the USA is not always expensive. Let's check the best scholarships for international applicants in 2024.

As an added bonus: how to enter American universities without exams, only with good English.

There are several opportunities to get an education in the USA totally free

1. The Fulbright Program of the USA government gives free 2-year Master's Degree education in the USA, covering all fees and paying a stipend. Graduate students can also participate in the program for 1 year.
An obligatory condition: Fulbright recipients are required to return to their home countries for at least 2 years upon completion of the program.
2. Need-based scholarships — for those in need of financial assistance. The family income must be below a certain amount. The scholarship application should be submitted along with the application for admission to the university, in the earliest period.
Important: most universities, other things being equal, are more likely to choose someone who is able to pay the full tuition. For this case, need-blind universities exist. They only take into account a portfolio of a future student, not his financial condition.

Need-blind universities cover up to 100% of study expenses. The list includes the best universities, for example, Harvard. Yale too can give over $70,000 per year.
3. Assistantship. Applicants can get a teaching assistant position at a university. This is an on-campus job up to 20 hours per week. In exchange, the university can reduce tuition fees by up to 100%, and issue a scholarship to cover personal expenses.
Only master's and PhD students can work as assistants. It can be a research assistantship or a teaching assistantship.

Assistantship with 100% compensation and an additional scholarship can be obtained, for example, at Georgia State University and University of Michigan.

Some scholarships provide partial funding, and it may also be significant

1. Merit-based scholarships. University scholarships for excellent studies and academic achievements.
Emory University merit-based scholarship covers tuition in full. So do Webb Institute, Hollins University, Hendrix College.
Pretty often universities give merit-based scholarships up to 30%.
2. Private scholarships, seeking to fill economic or social inequality.
For example, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) has an International Fellowship program for women from all over the world. The payment amount is $18,000 for master's students, $20,000 USD for PhD students and $30,000 for Postdoc students. Students holding a Bachelor’s degree can apply for this scholarship after applying to university.

There are other private and governmental scholarships, sports scholarships in the USA, and also local educational grants in students' home countries.
You can also check scholarship and grant opportunities on the website of the university you are interested in.

One more way to enter a US university easier is through the Pathway program

The Pathway program allows students to enroll in undergraduate programs in America without exams. An applicant must be at least 18 years old, have a school leaving certificate and an advanced level of English. For those who may not be fluent in English, there are special language courses at the same school where the Pathway Program is offered.
The program helps to prepare for studying at an American university and replaces the TOEFL exam. It is taught in a language school that cooperates with a list of American universities. The Pathway Program teaches how to write essays, prepare presentations, speak publicly, and helps to improve academic English. The course length is from 3 months to a year. The tuition fee for the program starts from $480 per month.
After successfully completing the Pathway program, a student will be able to enroll in one of the US universities and continue undergraduate studies without additional testing and credit assessment.
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