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to study English with native speakers
drive a mustang
party like in movies
dive into leading entrepreneurial culture
surf the Pacific ocean
meet like-minded people from all over the world
A&K American Educational Consulting

All of it is possible!

Educational programs for adults in the USA for any budget

from beginner to advanced
English courses in USA
with an opportunity to intern in an US company
University programs
Earning an English teaching certificate

We have built a community of like-minded people

in each city where we have a partner school
Our students
Share apartments
Travel all over the US during breaks
Support and help each other
Go to parties together, play volleyball and tennis, go surfing, skiing, cycling, canoeing and attend public events together
Our community includes more than 500 students
Heeey, what’s up!
Hello, guys. I want to do a little review for my school. I am studying in Orlando and I want to say a huge thank you to Christina and all the guys who helped me get my student visa. I am very, very happy. I have improved my English and will continue to improve. There will be exams soon. To everyone who is currently outside the United States and wants to come here on a student visa to study, get/make/meet new friends, go to university, and so on, I recommend Christina and their company to everyone. They just do everything great. I really liked it. I got my visa in Europe in about 2−3 weeks, so let’s go! Christina, thank you very much
San Diego
I would like to personally thank Christina and Anton, as well as the A&K American Educational Consulting team, for their help in getting admission to the USA for the certificate program. The admission process went as smoothly as possible thanks to the guys and their company, and all unforeseen issues were resolved very quickly with the help of managers.
Training for the certificate program is completely online, several times a week. You need to be prepared for large amounts of information and independent work, and a certain level of English will also be needed.
San Diego
Salute to everyone!
My name is Yernur!
I have been a student at the school for 8 months in the beautiful city of San Diego.
I love it because of the many different events and the great accessibility of information for people who are learning the language from scratch!
A&K AEC of Anton and Kristina helped with the admission and getting the visa!
Preparation for the interview with Alexandra helped a lot to get my visa!
Thank you for helping us make our dreams come true!
Los Angeles
I didn’t even notice how quickly I was in California. I didn’t have any problems with the paperwork. I even liked the whole process. The US has always been a dream of mine since I wanted to live abroad and make new friends! And now I am living that dream
San Diego
Hello! My name is Angelina, and I am happy to share my experience in cooperation with A&K. They are great guys; they really help with all questions, from submitting documents and obtaining a visa to the very moment of arrival in the USA! Now I live in sunny California, improving my English every day, and learning about different states and American culture! Thanks for the help! Highly recommended.
San Diego
A&K will help you come to America on a student visa. The company provides support at all stages of obtaining a visa. promptly and competently! I recommend it!
Hello everyone My name is Lera, I am 18 years old and I am from Belarus. I want to thank A&K for preparing for the interview, I think it would be very difficult without her. When I passed, the interviews were calm and took about 4 minutes. Now I’m studying at school in Orlando, everything is very cool. Now I can travel to America
Victoria and Kemal
A guy from Turkmenistan and I decided to go to America, but we were 100% sure that we would not be missed, since the country is closed, and no one is even allowed to study until we met A&K, you and your team just did a miracle, we dreamed of studying in America all our lives, it was our big dream is with a guy, we still don’t believe we’re here! Our language school is just a dream, we go there with great pleasure, the teacher is generally super, even if you have zero English with him, will you definitely talk to this teacher. In general, I realized my dream, and all thanks to you, thank you for a wonderful New Year’s gift.
Blogger and co-founder of A&K
We know many of our students personally and spend time together outside of school. We travel to various states, invite them over for barbecues, join in their activities, celebrate birthdays and have dinner at each other’s houses
Blogger and co-founder of A&K
Our students and our community have become an integral part of our lives. In the past year, we have travelled together to Sequoia National Park, been to Hawaii, visited Universal Studios, partied at Arrowhead Lake, celebrated New Year at Big Bear Lake, gone skiing, watched the migration of whales, had 8 beach parties, eaten out at Korean barbecues, and played volleyball and tennis on numerous occasions — and those are just the activities Kristina and I participated in. Our students spend even more time together!
Our team
Our team is comprised of 60 people who do their absolute best to make sure that your big trip to America is amazing in every respect

We will support you at every stage

At your consultation, you’ll be able to choose a school, make a personal action plan and have all your questions answered. Our managers will help you put together the required package of documents, verify them, and submit them to the school of your choosing
1. Entering an educational institution
When you get an invitation from your school, you will be able to make an appointment for an interview at the consulate. When you choose the country of the interview, you’ll be able to make an appointment yourself by following our instructions, or use our team’s help
2. Making an interview appointment
To study in the USA, you will need to apply for a student visa and have an interview at a US embassy. You will also need to pay a consular fee in the amount of $ 160 and a student fee of $ 350. You can pay these fees yourself using our instructions, or you can have our specialists do it for you. If you have any difficulties with making the payment, we have a separate service for fee payment
3. Paying fees
Filling out the DS-160 form in English is a mandatory requirement for the consular interview. You can fill out the form yourself using our instructions, or you can have our specialists do it for you
4. Filling out the DS-160 Questionnaire
Since the interview will be held in English, we advise you to prepare for it carefully. As so many of our students have gone through the interview process, we have compiled a list of the most popular interview questions that we will provide for you. Our preparation for the interview also includes an interactive interview simulator that our specialists and a team of coders have developed exclusively for A&K. You will also be able to practice what you learned in an English lesson with our specialist
5. Preparation for an interview
84% of our clients get visas after their interview. You will learn about your strengths and weaknesses during your consultation with our team, and — what is more important — we will show you how to build on your strengths
6. Interview at a consulate
Once you receive your visa, you can leave for the US no earlier than 30 days prior to the start date of your course. Thirty days is more than enough to adapt to the city where you’ll be studying. The materials and information about adaptation in America that we have amassed over the years will help you get settled. A large community of your peers will also be there to support you. These people once read these same lines and have been on the same journey as you’re embarking upon right now
7. Flights to the US
A personal manager will be with you at every stage — not just until your flight. He or she will be available to answer your questions even after your arrival in the US
If you have them, fill out the form, and we will contact you as soon as possible

We will answer your questions

When will you be able to come to the USA

On average, it takes
3 months
from the beginning to the moment of your arrival in the USA
In many cases, it all depends on your choice
Within 7 days after the filing of the documents, you will be enrolled in an educational institution
The educational institution sends you invitations within 14 days of submitting the documents
You choose the start date of the training
You decide when to have an interview
You can come to the United States 30 days before classes start


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Yes, the start date can be changed. This can be done up to two times free of charge—if the invitation is in electronic form. If you need the original form, you will need to pay extra for delivery—from $150

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