The cheapest, easiest and most affordable way to come to the USA
Фото Кристины и Антона в Сан-Диего
Suitable for ages 15 to 75
Choose any duration of study
Travel with family and friends
Travel experience not necessary
and improve your English language skills
Local adaptation assistance
1000+ A&K clients in the US right now
Become part of a like-minded community
Improve their English with native speakers.
Start a business and receive dividends.
Obtain medical insurance, debit, and credit cards from American banks.
Participate in the Green Card lottery while in the USA.
Change their status in the USA if there are reasons for doing so.
Rent accommodation for an extended period without a credit history and SSN.

Advantages and Features of the F-1 Student Visa

After arriving in the USA, our students:
Build international connections, expanding their network during their studies.
Language Courses in the USA
Guaranteed invitation from the educational institution with a minimal document package.
Tuition costs starting from $350 per month.
Just 18 hours of classes per week: choose your schedule.
Accept students with any language proficiency level, from beginners to advanced.
Ability to transfer from one school to another.
Continue with professional courses with optional work practice after completion.
Vacations for 2−4 weeks every 3−6 months — travel home or explore the USA.
All directions
From application to visa issuance as short as 30 days.
San Diego
From 16 years old
$475 per month
Los Angeles
From 18 years old
$425 per month
From 16 years old
$640 per month
New York
From 18 years old
from $475 per month
From 17 years old
$480 per month
Salt Lake City
From 16 years old
$425 per month
From 13 years old
$750 per month
From 18 years old
$415 per month
From 16 years old
$850 per month
From 16 years old
$800 per month
All options
We have built a like-minded community
in every city where we have a partner educational institution
Our students:
Rent accommodation together
Help and support each other
Attend parties together, play volleyball, tennis, surf, ski, bike, row, and participate in social events.
Vikram, 34
New Delhi
Amateur IT specialist going together with a wife and a daughter.
In May 2022, we took a consultation. We were delighted, because the manager told us about the certificate program and its advantages and opportunities. It was a surprise that I could go to a university with no TOEFL and GMAT. Moreover, I was already studying IT at some courses and I worked as a security specialist for corporate networks and education was needed for my promotion. In January 2021 we easily got approval all together.
Bekhzod, 26
Heeey, what’s up!
Hello, guys. I want to do a little review for my school. I am studying in Orlando and I want to say a huge thank you to Christina and all the guys who helped me get my student visa. I am very, very happy. I have improved my English and will continue to improve. There will be exams soon. To everyone who is currently outside the United States and wants to come here on a student visa to study, get/make/meet new friends, go to university, and so on, I recommend Christina and their company to everyone. They just do everything great. I really liked it. I got my visa in Europe in about 2−3 weeks, so let’s go! Christina, thank you very much
Zara (25) and Kabir (26)
Spouses, owners of a shop.
It was very important for us to go together and we wanted to strengthen our case to the maximum possible. The visa consultant advised us on a certificate programme as we always wanted to dive into business studies. We have been studying in America for 6 months and we are satisfied so much as the professors are true aficionados. I believe that this programme will help us to make our business bigger.
Oksana, 28
I would like to personally thank Christina and Anton, as well as the A&K American Educational Consulting team, for their help in getting admission to the USA for the certificate program. The admission process went as smoothly as possible thanks to the guys and their company, and all unforeseen issues were resolved very quickly with the help of managers.
Training for the certificate program is completely online, several times a week. You need to be prepared for large amounts of information and independent work, and a certain level of English will also be needed.
Ernur, 17
Salute to everyone!
My name is Yernur!
I have been a student at the school for 8 months in the beautiful city of San Diego.
I love it because of the many different events and the great accessibility of information for people who are learning the language from scratch!
A&K AEC of Anton and Kristina helped with the admission and getting the visa!
Preparation for the interview with Alexandra helped a lot to get my visa!
Thank you for helping us make our dreams come true!
Sandeep, 33
Had C1D US visa and had F1 visa refusal.
I got my C1D visa in 2021 and spent almost a year on Royal cruises. I fell in love with the USA and it seemed to me quite easy to get a student visa. However, I got a refusal in one of the Indian consulates and my girlfriend from Russia advised me AK. They helped me make an appointment in another consulate, gave me a consultation and a mock interview. Less than a month and I got my F1 visa. Dhanyavad and great thanks to AK.
Rohan, 22
Had J1 refusal.
I’ve always wanted to have an experience of working in America but my J1 visa was refused. Then AK told me about the certificate in accounting and after a year of studies I finally got my SSN and working authorizations. Now I’m enjoying my internship in the consulting sphere. I am an introvert and a rather shy person, but AK not only provided me with psychological support, but also took over all communication with the university, including calls and correspondence. We started with a consultation, and I was happy to hear that I wouldn’t need to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam as I’ve already tried and failed. Then we sent documents to the college, prepared for an interview. I really felt extremely confident. Not to mention the help with making an appointment in the embassy and filling the forms, as I TOTALLY HATE all the paperwork. I also had some problems with my luggage during the flight, it was missed, but I thank God that I chose the VIP package and they helped me deal with the airline. Thanks again for always finding the solution to any problem.
Denis, 51
A&K will help you come to America on a student visa. The company provides support at all stages of obtaining a visa. promptly and competently! I recommend it!
Valeria, 25
Hello everyone My name is Lera, I am 18 years old and I am from Belarus. I want to thank A&K for preparing for the interview, I think it would be very difficult without her. When I passed, the interviews were calm and took about 4 minutes. Now I’m studying at school in Orlando, everything is very cool. Now I can travel to America
Viktoria (22) and Kemal (24)
A guy from Turkmenistan and I decided to go to America, but we were 100% sure that we would not be missed, since the country is closed, and no one is even allowed to study until we met A&K, you and your team just did a miracle, we dreamed of studying in America all our lives, it was our big dream is with a guy, we still don’t believe we’re here! Our language school is just a dream, we go there with great pleasure, the teacher is generally super, even if you have zero English with him, will you definitely talk to this teacher. In general, I realized my dream, and all thanks to you, thank you for a wonderful New Year’s gift.
Kiran, 30
New Delhi
Works in Pepsi India in a department of international relations.
I got my Master’s degree at the University of New Delhi. My career path was successful too, but my business English was… awful. AK advised me on a business English course in Chicago and helped with all the US visa proceedings. After 3 months of studies, I got a promotion and a 45% salary increase. Thanks for making our lives better.
Our office is located in the state of California, in the city of San Diego! Our team of 60 people is working to make your big journey to America as comfortable as possible and fill it with joy.
Our company
At every step, you’ll have a personal manager to assist you. He’ll be with you up to your arrival in the USA and will remain available for any questions you might have later on.
We Accompany You At Every Stage
If you still believe that obtaining a visa to the USA is impossible, it’s time to change your mind! With A&K preparation, 9 out of 10 people successfully obtain their visas. The key is to build the right strategy.
A&K Approach
Breaks Stereotypes
What path do you need to take?
Choose the type of assistance.
Submit documents to the educational institution.
Schedule an interview.
Arrive in the USA.
Any remaining questions?


Yes, the starting date can be changed. We will do it for you free of charge up to two times for an electronic invitation. If you need the original form, you will need to pay extra for delivery—from $150
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