The cheapest, easiest and most affordable way to come to the USA
Фото Кристины и Антона в Сан-Диего
Suitable for ages 15 to 75
Choose any duration of study
Travel with family and friends
Travel experience not necessary
and improve your English language skills
Local adaptation assistance
1000+ A&K clients in the US right now
Become part of a like-minded community
Improve their English with native speakers.
Start a business and receive dividends.
Obtain medical insurance, debit, and credit cards from American banks.
Participate in the Green Card lottery while in the USA.
Change their status in the USA if there are reasons for doing so.
Rent accommodation for an extended period without a credit history and SSN.

Advantages and Features of the F-1 Student Visa

After arriving in the USA, our students:
Build international connections, expanding their network during their studies.
Language Courses in the USA
Guaranteed invitation from the educational institution with a minimal document package.
Tuition costs starting from $350 per month.
Just 18 hours of classes per week: choose your schedule.
Accept students with any language proficiency level, from beginners to advanced.
Ability to transfer from one school to another.
Continue with professional courses with optional work practice after completion.
Vacations for 2−4 weeks every 3−6 months — travel home or explore the USA.
All directions
From application to visa issuance as short as 30 days.
San Diego
From 16 years old
$475 per month
Los Angeles
From 18 years old
$425 per month
From 16 years old
$640 per month
New York
From 18 years old
from $475 per month
From 17 years old
$480 per month
Salt Lake City
From 16 years old
$425 per month
From 13 years old
$750 per month
From 18 years old
$415 per month
From 16 years old
$850 per month
From 16 years old
$800 per month
All options
We have built a like-minded community
in every city where we have a partner educational institution
Our students:
Rent accommodation together
Help and support each other
Attend parties together, play volleyball, tennis, surf, ski, bike, row, and participate in social events.
Yassine El Aazouzi, 24
Casablanca (Morocco)
Сustomer representative and a sales agent, no travel history

"I highly recommend A&K American Education to anyone from all over the world interested in studying in the US. They truly take care of everything and do an exceptional job assisting you in every step of the process. A special shoutout to Mariia ❤️, my perosnal manager, who guided and supported me throughout the entire journey. I also want to thank Alina for providing valuable advice and outlining all the necessary steps. A&K American Education is the best place to go if you’re interested in studying in the US! 🇺🇸
100% LEGIT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"
Houssame Echagdani, 23
Casablanca (Morocco)
Just finished his Master Degree in Casablanca, no travel history. Houssame is going to the US with his friends.

"My visa approved. I will wait 14 days to get my passport"
Elena Manukyan, 30
Tbilisi (Georgia)
Elena was refused a tourist visa 6 months ago and successfully got her F-1 visa.

"I still can’t belive in it! I am so grateful to your team. You did a great job, thank you!"
Raj, 27
Dehli (India)
He works as an IT specialist remotely.

"A&K's IT Certificate program has been a pivotal step in my career. Working in IT remotely, I had concerns about my visa. However, this program, with its quality and straitforward visa process, proved to be an excellent choice. Thanks for this opportunity."
Louis Laurent, 36
Montpelhièr, France
Louis is coming to the US with his wife.

"Hello everyone! Lately, I felt the need to boost my English skills for improving my business. As I had previous experience studying in the UK 10 years ago, I got the idea of learning English in the USA. A&K provided me with various study options across the country. With their assistance, I’m now preparing to start a new language journey in the USA with my wife accompanying me."
Jin Park, 18
Daegu (South Korea)
Just finished high school.

"We've just arrived to Miami, thank you so much for your help. The first day of classes was amazing!"
Isabella Ricci, 42
Parma (Italy)
Isabella is visiting America with two kids. Besides, she has already been in the US before. Her sister has been living in New York for 10 years.

"Hello! Let me tell you about my experience with A&K. After my divorce and with two children to take care of, I felt the need for a fresh start. I knew that studying in the USA could be a great opportunity, not just for me, but also for my children. I had already experienced American culture during a previous travel trip with my ex husband, but A&K showed me there were more opportunities available. With their help, I enrolled in a language program in Los Angeles. As a mother and a woman seeking to broaden my horizons, I’m excited to explore the lively Californian atmosphere. A&K team, I love you!"
Our office is located in the state of California, in the city of San Diego! Our team of 60 people is working to make your big journey to America as comfortable as possible and fill it with joy.
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Yes, the starting date can be changed. We will do it for you free of charge up to two times for an electronic invitation. If you need the original form, you will need to pay extra for delivery—from $150
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