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Florida, School
A city that seems to have absorbed everything. Glowing skyscrapers right next to the endless ocean, dancing in the streets, parties and a whole block with graffiti. Here luxury and spontaneity are in such close proximity that it is impossible to get bored. Bars that work until morning, famous pink sunsets by the ocean, trendy coffee shops, art, business conferences — what to do after school, you can list endlessly. Miami is a combination of the USA, Latin American culture and the views that everyone has seen in GTA
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New York
New York, School
A city that never stops for a second. Morning, you are going to study, go to the nearest Starbucks for coffee. Who will you meet there: a Wall Street financier, a journalist from Vogue, or maybe a fellow student? It seems that you have already seen all this: these people, and skyscrapers, and a coffee shop. But in movies. And now it’s like you’ve become a part of one of these films
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Illinois, School
A city of winds, style and skyscrapers on the shores of Lake Michigan — it’s amazing how Chicago combines all this. It immediately catches the eye how many skyscrapers there are. You walk around the city and feel like you are in a movie about gangsters, but without them. Yes, many scenes from Transformers were also filmed here. People of Chicago are casually stylish, as if they were born with good taste. Or maybe they got it when they arrived? On Lake Michigan everyone plays tennis, sunbathes and swims. Perhaps it could be your future classmates
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Los Angeles
California, School
A city where you can just be yourself. You can look like you want, live like you want, have a hobby you like. And Los Angeles will support you in this. Grab your skateboard and go to Venice Beach, go to a modern art show, go around all the trendy California coffee shops, go to Hollywood and meet the stars there. Los Angeles may be different, but everyone will see something familiar in it
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San Diego
California, School
In this city the sun shines 246 days a year. You wake up, grab a coffee or smoothie, leave the house. Where will you go today? Maybe to study, to meet classmates from all over the world. Or maybe you have a surf class planned. Or you have a calm free morning and you will go to the ocean just to sit on the beach, watch the waves and have a lovely breakfast
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Salt Lake City
Utah, School
This city has preserved all four seasons and nature, which takes your breath away. The Great Salt lake, on the shore of which there is a city, mountains, against which skyscrapers flaunt. If you suddenly get tired of city life in Salt Lake City, it will take you half an hour to get to the snowy slopes or the lake. You can go to school, to restaurants, walk through the streets of the city like an ordinary American, and then, if you suddenly get tired of the city, you can practically teleport to nature, which seems to be cut out from the planet Mars
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Texas, School
Imagine you’re walking around town like a western hero, and all around you are serious people in suits, young people going to a party, students like you, and a million other heroes who couldn’t be together anywhere but Dallas. Here, cowboy attributes successfully get along with skyscrapers, unique architecture, a huge number of restaurants and nightlife. In Dallas, you can first dive in the world of the Wild West, and then go to look at Gothic cathedrals, Victorian buildings and Old City Park
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Florida, School
The city of entertainment, which is called East Hollywood. It’s sunny here all year round and you never think that there is nothing to do on weekends. Universal Park worths much itself. There you can drink butter beer and fight Dementors, like in Harry Potter, or fight crime together with Spider-Man. Or you can go to Disneyland and dive in childhood! And if you still want to be an adult, Orlando has great nature, architecture and museums. Among these entertainments, the main thing is not to forget about studying. But we’re sure you can handle it
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Indiana, School
The city where all the roads of America cross, going from west to east and from north to south. The capital of the state of Indiana. The heart of the USA. A place everyone needs to visit who wants to get into the real American culture, in its purest form. A city surrounded by the strongest universities. This is where you should go if you plan to get an American higher education. Famous race tracks, historic buildings of the 19th century and modern skyscrapers — all this has found its place on the banks of the White River
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San Diego
California, University
Pack your textbooks in a bag — it’s time to get a new profession. Business, marketing, psychology — you can study each of these specialties on the certificate program. Have you ever thought that you can sit at school, listen to teachers who joke and tell stories from work in English, and go to lunch with classmates under palm trees during a break? And after studying to go to the ocean? How about getting an internship in an American company when you finish the course? Well, it’s possible
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